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New York Fashion Week has become the redheaded stepchild of fashion’s big four.

Popular American designers Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Thom Browne, and Joseph Altuzarra are ditching it this fall, for Paris.

NYFW has been criticized recently for ho-hum collections, and for paying too much attention to commercialization. Surprisingly, I haven’t read much about New York Mother Nature’s tantrums adding to the discontent, affecting way too many of her fashion weeks. She’s the screaming child on the plane who is usually precocious and endearing. Not that weather here is a breeze. But it really acts up just in time to welcome show goers from all over the world, producing the most sweltering heat and frigid temperatures.

I remember one of the coldest times of my life being NYFW, over Valentine’s Day weekend, 2016. Combined with blustery winds, walking a full block in the below-zero temperatures made me feel like I’d made a victorious first-time catwalk. Last September the sweltering heat had me caving to hailing cabs.

When New York pops off and escalates…

No Cynics Here
When New York pops off and escalates, its sass draws me to it like it’s one of my own. Gripes about lack of creativity, are met with a fashion sector filled with youthful exploration. Yet there’s also a grit that keeps its nose to the grindstone. New York designers are addressing the economic impact of ailing luxury sales, by leading the way with industrious reinvention. And there is a welcoming energy as New York kicks off fashion month twice a year. Then it’s on to London, Milan and Paris.

It’s Here!
Fashion insiders share that NYFW is like going back-to-school and reconnecting with old friends. After carefree summer dressing, fall fashion is the favored season of so many of us because we get to reengage with dedicated style. There’s an allure to the season, and special occasions to dress for. Tom Ford is back in New York this fall kicking off fashion week. Our cover photo from last night’s Spring, 2018 show is about signature Ford glamour. And shoulders for days. Back to the ’90’s! It was Fucking Fabulous launching last night too–his new limited-edition fragrance. Ford’s brand of commercialization is catering to his clientele, yet he’s no stranger to reinvention. He tested the see-now-buy-now model last September at NYFW, but found that the industry needs to be aligned together for the idea to work.
Our New Season
At Plumage 59 we’re thrilled to kick off the fall season with a new style–showing off our summer journey. We played around with new ideas, then took time to let things bubble and settle. Did you notice the new strut of our fancy Plumage Lady, as she opens up the top of the blog? And we’ve added two new sections: Bird’s Eye View gives a fly-by of quick reads; and Flock To This is instant shopping for the day’s “It” stuff. Look to Categories Explained, at the top of the home page (with the rest of the categories) for an easy guide to find what you’re looking for.


We Want You
What continues to drive our change is this dream to serve as a space that’s brazenly for us–women of a plum age who use fashion to complement vibrant and textured lives. Give us your comments below on the new look. Tell us what you would like to see more of. We’ll be publishing now every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you haven’t already signed up for our emails, please do so. You’ll receive each new post straight to your Inbox.

Because we never want to miss an opportunity to remind you that you’re fucking fabulous!


Cover & Second Photos:  IMAXtree
Other Photos:  Dawn Bell Solich


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