Very PinTeresting

Brooches are a classic. Piling them on is so Chanel. Sharing the find is very Plumage 59.

Beginning last spring there was punctuation with pinning in several store windows in Manhattan. This twist on necklace layering, which has been so hot, is ladylike and funky. There’s artistry in the mix.

I like pin-piling best on casual and borrowed-from-the-boys looks. Go through your jewelry and choose pieces that have some likeness to one another. Use earrings too! Wear pins in pairs for a more polished, deliberate look. Scatter several for offhand chic.

So much of style is about how each individual combines and creates her look. We’ll be featuring more ideas that you can shop from your closet, having fun with the process and your own cleverness! Prim-up your pieces with pins!


Photos:  Dawn Bell Solich


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  • Very PinTeresting, Published 9/21/17

  • Stacey

    One of my favorite pins is a locket that belonged to my grandmother! Inside is a very faded photo of a much younger version of my grandfather wearing his signature cowboy hat. I love wearing this pin!

    • Jewelry and clothing that we’ve preserved does bring us back to memories we made while wearing them, or holds those near who wore them before us. So wonderful that the photo is intact, and with your grandfather wearing a cowboy hat! That is really special!

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