How To Wear The Sneakers Trend If You’re Over 50

That trend of wearing sneakers with nice clothing is not for me…or is it? For the past year I’ve been disregarding it, thinking it would look like I was trying to be a rad teenager. Do the cool kids still say rad? Haha! The Street Style look I’ve seen at Fashion Week is a statement of extremity–like pairing a gorgeous, lace Valentino dress with Stan Smith Adidas.

Because sneakers-as-fashion-statements couldn’t be a more enjoyable concept, I’ve been getting more comfortable with the idea. To keep it from going off the rails, I won’t hit the extreme ends of the trend. I think I could pull this look off with classic and minimal clothing. A knit, pencil skirt, with a sweater. Cropped trousers and a top, with bell sleeves. Of course sneakers work with any type of jean. And although most of the photos in this story show them with skinny jeans, flares (particularly cropped) would look cool. I would avoid sneakers with any fashion that skews young–like full, shorter skirts.

Which sneakers to buy? I’m liking a more athletic, sleek sneaker–like Nikes. Allyson is right again–damn her! Today in New York, I saw Pumas, Vans, Adidas and Converse everywhere. Which sneakers do you wear? Will you pair them with street clothes?

Streamlined Nikes .



Pumas . Reeboks & Vans .

Adidas Stan Smiths .

Adidas Stan Smiths . Converse .


Cover Photo: Vans
All Photos: Dawn Bell Solich

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  • How To Wear The Sneakers Trend If You’re Over 50, Published 10/22/17

  • Follow My Gut

    I’ve been wearing the same black chuck taylors for years now. They have whole, they’re borderline gray, and they look like they’re ready to be retired. So please know this post comes in at just the right time. Sure I may not be 50 or older but I do need to find new shoes and seeing all your photos help me to find a new pair that will feel like me!

    Danielle | <3

    • Hi Danielle! I’m so glad you caught our story at just the right time. Even though you’re not 50, we’ll take ya. Love your blog and your whole sensibility!

  • I am absolutely a Converse girl myself. Always have been! I hate exercise, so wearing a sneaker that is too athletic feels a little too hypocritical for me unless I am actually working out…which very rarely ever occurs…although I do own one pair of athletic sneakers for those rare occasions. But my Chuck Taylors paired with a tee shirt dress or a knit maxi or midi pencil skirt are spot on…and that combination is like kryptonite for my husband, for some reason! It screams sexy momma to him and he essentially can’t keep his hands to himself…so I will wear this combo any day straight into my 50’s and beyond!


  • I think I love your husband! I am right there with you on the exercise ban, but always trying to change that. I am A-Ok with wearing my new sneakers hypocritically–haha! I think I’ll have T-shirts made up that say Team Fashion!

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