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Plum Picks: Because woman cannot live by fashion alone.

The Internet is a beautiful thing. Google has become a verb. We bark commands in the air and Siri gives us the answer…when she feels like it. The Worldwide Web has grown from that now old-fashioned moniker to our personal library, newsstand, entertainment outlet.

A couple years ago The New Yorker ran an article updating the reference, “falling down the rabbit hole.” First a metaphor that described accidentally winding up in a psychedelic wonderland that Alice discovered, it’s been usurped now to define our curious, wandering internet habits. Pulitzer prize-winner Kathryn Schulz writes that the internet

…breeds rabbit holes the way rabbits breed rabbits.

Here are some of my favorite breeding holes.

Tap the arrow in the middle to see the girl moves.
Only 24 posts in on Instagram, I discovered this bright artist while looking at Paris Fashion Week coverage of the shows on Instagram. This is a curiosity on the usually self-promoting internet, as there’s no information about who the artist is on the Instagram account. Be among the first to follow @girlmoves_ so you’re in on it when the mystery is revealed.

6:00am. Things are not going well.

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The artistic pursuits and general hilarity of Candice Bergen are chronicled in her funny-as-hell Instagram place, @bergenbags. Bergen hand paints mainly friends’ dogs on mainly Louis Vuittons–not on so many Birkins as it turns out. Nonetheless, we don’t care what she paints on, what we’re there for is the process which plays like a dry, clipped, Murphy Brownesque conversation. Her website’s tagline is, “From One Old Bag to Another.” Aging can be so fun.

The Ageist is a sharp blog that gives tips, inspiration and advise for redefining later life. Their interviews serve as a comprehensive research pool of people over 50, who are disrupting and changing the rules on aging. It becomes radical when we see it en masse. Ageist serves both sides of the midlife and beyond demographic–advocating for the most powerful generation, and educating those brands who still regard us as a puzzling age group.

Happy Friday everyone. Beautiful Portofino by one of our favorite 📷 @sennarelax 💙 #worthtravelingfor #tcapproved

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Melanie Brandman has an editorial background at Vogue. She curates the best luxury travel, and anything that helps us travel well, on @travelcurator, and on the blog Travel Curator.

Green is life. The Butcher’s Daughter || West Village New York Photo Cred: @heydavina

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@coffeeshopcorners does the best of what is the social media equivalent of that IRL authentic, Parisian cafe that defines ultimate, wistful pleasure.

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