Make My Monday: Knit Midis

Sometimes Monday mornings feel like a sweet Pinterest quote, sometimes they don’t.  A great outfit will always Make My Monday!

After a weekend of stretchy pants, Mondays can be hell!  Do ya feel me?  If this Monday is less about Goals, and more about just getting yourself there, a little strategic thinking will brighten your day.  Hmmm, what feels like sweats, but looks like corporate candidate?  Enter the knit midi skirt.  Stretch.  Length.  Versatility.  Nothing says comfort and chic quite like it.


Stretch…I think that says it all.


Length gives a skirt sophistication and style.  In the strictest sense, a midi is mid-calf length.  But let’s loosen up and call it over the knee, but above the ankle.  A pencil midi skirt, in its tailored severity can say I mean business–a plus when you’re doing business. Top that with the secret weapon of stretch, and Monday becomes a power day!  Your mind is quick and nimble, not focused on your waistband cutting into your stomach.  Length in a skirt with flow, gives movement and lightness. You may think the freedom in this skirt is intended to just get you out the door this Monday morning. Surprise yourself when it also makes an entrance! Length means sitting with abandon; crossing your legs or not; maybe even sitting with your feet tucked next to your butt.  See how free a Monday can be?


And finally, versatility–no need to be on point with your shoe game. Get dressed and you can be haphazard with your head in the clouds, slipping on any shoe as you walk out the door.  Every heel height, sandal, loafer, bootie or tennis shoe works with mid-length skirts. Start on a positive note, ahead of the game, when you get on the subway in tennis shoes that are working that outfit instead of looking like they’re your commuter shoes.  Wear them all day if you work in a casual office setting.

To top off your Make My Monday outfit, remember a smile is the best accessory. Don’t forget to be awesome!!!!! 😐










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