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Welcome to Plumage 59! It’s been my vision to create a smart, chic and fun place where women of a plum age can love fashion together.

This blog has been a long time coming—partly because it took forever to come up with the right name. It had to represent the kind of style I want to share and the women I want to connect with. Plumage 59 hit all the right notes. Plume is old French for feathers, and symbolizes finery, embellishment. Love! Plumage is the collective feathers of a bird. That brought to mind community—a fashion flock. Perhaps the best symbolism came when I stared long enough at the word Plumage, and the words separated to reveal plum age. The whole impetus for this blog is to have a place that is brazenly for us, women who were born closer to ‘59, than ’99.

For too long, women of a plum age have been under-represented in all aspects of fashion. Instead we are relegated to taking our cues from young women, then retrofitting their style to suit our age and place in life. I want to strike from my vernacular, “Is this too young for me?” I want fashion images that speak directly to me.

Over the last few years, I started watching the scene outside of a few shows at New York Fashion Week. The clothes, the circus, the couture…the courage! Let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart to stand among this clique of young style watchers! Not to throw shade at our younger counterparts who have great style that inspires us too. But where was my flock?

We’re here–women using fashion to embellish lives that are vibrant, textured, and relevant. Plumage 59 is about style you can take literally, because it’s meant just for you.

Fashion inspirations of a plum age: Giovanna Battaglia, Pat Cleveland. Photos: Startracks

My Style


IMG_1013Oh, the style phases I’ve gone through in my life! The thread running through them all is the joy in creating. It’s exciting shaping a unique look in my mind. And it’s magic when it comes together, and I know “that’s it!”

I wear it all, but use discretion in the mix. As in life, the best fountain of youth is keeping current and relevant. The style that I go for is chic, with interest. I don’t always pull it off, but it’s more interesting to have tried. If I’m wearing classic basics, unique jewelry or shoes is my punch. A feminine blouse needs the juxtaposition of a tailored pant. Pattern mixing is cool and makes me feel like a pro. I love embellishment like beading, studs and plumes!

To get the full enjoyment out of my day, I go for comfort as much as I can with the occasional sacrifice for style. If I’m mainly at home, I wear casual basics that I zhoozh up to go out.

Today’s no-rules fashion nudges us to be true to ourselves, because good style is now about the collaboration between that authentic self-expression and creativity.  If life imitates art, when we push ourselves to wear what delights us, we’re a bit braver to take on whatever challenges us next. Fashion has the power to enhance or carry our confidence, depending on our day. It can give us attention, or shield us from view. We know that it’s our external voice to our internal selves, giving us choices in how much the world is privy to see.

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