Make My Monday: When Work Isn’t a Place

Sometimes Monday mornings feel like a sweet Pinterest quote, sometimes they don’t.  A great outfit will always Make My Monday!

Ted Talks embolden us to find our passion. Each day we look at our vision boards and follow the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The “world-wide web” has given us autonomy to build careers on our own, and manage our dreams and goals. New job titles like Creators, and Influencers are becoming a part of our lexicon. About those job titles, isn’t it time to come up with a more worthy title for a job that’s been around since the beginning of time–one of the most significant jobs—the crucial work of stay-at-home moms?

Whole new industries have started up to serve individual-driven pursuits. Recognizing that many sole proprietors are not in traditional office settings, a need has been created for office resources, camaraderie, and inspiration to conceptualize and create. Companies like Wework are providing amazing work spaces for rent, that go beyond the company line.

Whether we are working from home or from an outpost, chances are that our attire is more casual. And, depending on the kind of work we do, there’s an importance to functional clothing. So, what brand of dowdy and drab do you pull on to start your day? I realized recently that while these days I spend most of my time working from home, that look gets the least attention. Since we can, we comfort (yes, using that as a verb). Athleisure is our favorite trend!

I believe there is a self-enhancing payoff of increased discipline, creativity and professionalism when we look suitable at “work.” I know the empowerment of feeling good about how I look, yet I still get lazy. Do you have days when you’re on a business call and you realize you would be horrified if you accidentally connected to Face Time? There is a way to meet both comfort and task.

LEGGINGS—easy, trending, awesome! Chanel showed capri/bermuda leggings in a structured, front and center statement for Resort, 2017. Fancy t-shirts were tucked into leggings and topped off with a belt, rather than a long or flowing top to provide some coverage. For Spring, 2017 the queen of sexy, Versace, used leggings as the pants in a suit, the jeans to the leather jacket.

I like to use thick, beefy leggings one way at home, and then add to that when I’m out. A base of leggings and a butt-covering T is the foundation for a walk, shopping, or a meeting. Before you work it, out in the world, add a ponte knit blazer, a faux fur vest, or even a dress. Adding the right accessories raises the bar on the basics.  A great pair of shoes, an imposing handbag, a gorgeous scarf or jewelry polish off the essentials. Later, I take it back to the basics when I get home–especially if I hit it big with the prospect of an afternoon nap! The power nap—beloved by life coaches and motivational authors—quite possibly the best perk of, “when work isn’t a place.”

As more power shifts to the individual, the consumer, the world is facilitating new categories, novel titles, and contemporary means to comfort. Whether you’re conferencing from home, or taking time off during the holidays, or cooking for your family, a put together style will give a different energy to your day and your work. Because remember, you’re only as good as you look. Just kiddin’!

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