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Talk about added value–paintings also appraised in CPW*! Some crazy stuff goes down the runway, but no, paintings sandwiched on a body aren’t trending. But neck scarves are.

I love florals–still lifes, fabric, even wallpaper. Lately I’ve been dreaming about an overblown, floral, statement wall in my bedroom. About a year ago I spent a beautiful afternoon with my good friend and her mom, at Denver Art Museum’s (DAM) “In Bloom” exhibit. My favorite paintings in the exhibit featured the colors I’ve been drawn to lately–corals, mustard, roses and reds, with smatterings of lilac and cornflower blue. The exhibit featured mainly impressionistic paintings, but also a good sampling of realism. A 19th century painting by Antoine Berjon was so representational that I could have reached in and plucked its green glossy grapes. Painted with a perfect translucence and powdery cast, it looked just like the grapes on my kitchen counter.




IMG_6182Antoine Berjon/Adele Riche/Paul Gaugin

The DAM has stepped up its game in the past five years. In 2012, the superbly curated YSL exhibit stunned and amazed. It was in the spirit of the Met Costume Institute’s Alexander McQueen spectacular. A unique aspect to the DAM is the way it integrates the featured exhibit with the entire museum, creating a holistic experience. There are creative experimentation areas for the public to play, related side bar exhibits, and of course a corresponding museum shop.





Wanting to linger a little longer after touring the exhibit, I decided to walk through the museum shop on my way out. Gorgeous dyed colors on gleaming silk brought me over to beautiful scarves, which were an expression of “In Bloom.” Many of the scarves were exact replicas of famous paintings by Monet, Klimt, Cezanne.




So check out your city’s museum shop, because here’s the other unexpected gift–the scarves were a bargain! Beautiful silk scarves ranging from $60 – $95! The three I bought will do a great job tying up a colorblocked outfit, or a print mash up. Their collection of color adds life to neutrals or simple dressing. When I’m feeling pedestrian, scarves can bring a certain finish and joie de vivre. Tie a painting around your neck today.

*Cost Per Wear

Photos:  Dawn Bell Solich

Cover Photo:  Viktor & Rolf Fall 2015 Couture Runway Image:  Vogue


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