Edgy Pieces

What catches our eye when we’re walking down the street, or walking into a room?


To be sure, an outrageous or costumey piece, or something overtly sensual can make our head snap back around. But we usually want the eye to rest on us, as it travels the line of sight we’re in. While there can be occasion for extraordinary looks, we mostly show just a glimpse into our nature, artfulness, or speculative side.

Overalls have been popular for the past few seasons. Wearing them past the age of 35 is usually a May to December romance that draws stares. Still, I’m drawn to them like I am to overdone peasant blouses. This is when I need to draw the line and walk away.

I was in Anthropologie the other day, drawn in by their organic and shabby mood. It’s a happy and soulful place to recharge each new season. I spotted the palazzoed, drop-crotched, suspendered…what? What do I call them? Not quite overalls, nor pants, they are a unique cross-breed that I’m wearing in the above image gallery. This type of find is the peak of exciting shopping–the one that comes out of nowhere, grabs our attention, and defines us personally. Yea, a piece of clothing can do all that!

This fun and fantastic thing is the cat-eye to my eye, the kinky to my boots. So easy to throw on with basics and look new. Let it take over. A word about keeping it mellow: avoid striped T’s so you don’t look like a mime, and possibly avoid tennis shoes so you don’t look like a kid. The slides I’m wearing look refined, and right for spring. Sandals, wedges, and chunky heels would look great; as would a denim shirt, t-shirt, turtleneck, or light sweater. A jean jacket, army jacket or even a duster cardigan could go over them. I felt my youthful spirit wearing this fusion piece, without looking silly at all, am I right? Especially when I’m jumping through the air with my low-flying grand jeté–I know, unbecoming!

The next piece is a little daring. This faux leather bondage top I’m wearing adds a jolt to the classics. Hanging straps from sleeves, ties at the neck or waist, or positioned in novel ways, have gone mainstream. Skimpy tops over T-shirts and blouses have taken layering to the next level. Giving a bite to one’s personality and to traditional looks, I feel a little audacious in this top. And in fact a head may snap back around when the back of it is revealed. I think I would definitely wear this with something underneath. Ha! I like it with a feminine, luxurious blouse, and the jogger/trousers carry the line with this edgy top. Since leather and suede are now worn into the early months of summer, I’ll put this over a white cotton shirtdress, a black knit T-shirt dress, and wear it with a black and white gingham top with wide-legged denim. Think about it over white palazzo pants and a white silk blouse, with high-heeled, strappy, black sandals.

A twist on conventional silhouettes, makes for standout pieces that keep us looking relevant and in it. The unexpected gives us a glimpse of our grit.


Suspender Jumpsuit @ Anthropologie . Leather Mule Slips @ Genuine People . Faux Leather Top w/Back Bow @ Zara .

Other clothing/accessories from my closet, or no longer available.   

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