The Naturals – Gems, Shell & Bone

Opaque, natural jewelry never looks pretentious or like you’re trying too hard.  Its interest lies in mother nature’s art, turned by a handmade imprint.  Even if it’s principal materials are glitzy, like drusy, the from-the-earth quality keeps it grounded. Any of the jewelry showcased below will add depth to an outfit of neutrals, like camels, grays or creams.  Worn with minimal, monochromatic pieces that have wooly texture or satin-sheen, it’s a rich, cozy combination.


Chunk & Shards of Shell & Bone
The centerpiece here, and always when I wear it, is the enormous chunk of solid shell, encircled in sterling silver.  I keep my other jewelry small and subtle to let this cool bangle shine.  The surrounding bangles of varying widths pictured above, are shards of bone, laid in piece by piece.  I like to use these bangles as accents with heavier, anchoring bracelets when creating an arm party.

Vintage Solid Shell Bangle
Bajalia Inlaid Bone Bangle Set  


Polished African Horn
The black and neutrals-spattered cuffs (pictured here and above) are amazing paired together.  The negative space design gives importance to one, while the strokes of warm creams and beiges bring out the other.  Each is carved out of a single piece of horn, gleaming naturally after hand-polishing.  This is the only treatment unearthing this interesting design.

Bé (pronounced Bay) African Horn Cuffs





Turquoise Stones, Drops & Crunched Sterling 
This colossal cuff of clear resin, with dots of turquoise stones is jewelry to build an outfit around.  It is the first piece of consideration, as it dominates a look.  The much smaller-scaled, ruffled sterling cuff also works nicely on its own, blending with an outfit that needs a last-minute touch.  The simple chain and turquoise drop earrings bring color to your face and finish casual looks.

Iris & Bajalia Resin Cuff
Or Paz – Sterling Ruffle Cuff
Vintage Turquoise Drop Earrings




Adularescence & Labradorescence
The Ethiopian opals in this shield ring are so beautifully showcased by the black spinel. The adularescent colors of the northern nights blink through the milky luster.  There is a modern, edgy sensibility to this unique piece.  The sterling, filigree earrings feather down to a dollop of labradorite that moves blues, greens and gold around under the labradorescent surface.  This is another pair of earrings that completes a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Rarities Shield Ring
Vintage Filigree Earrings 


Or Paz Sterling Silver Bold Polished Ruffle Cuff available at

All other pieces pictured here are no longer available.  Similar styles from Bajalia, Iris & Bajalia, Bé, Rarities available at

About Bajalia – Bajalia invests in women around the world, often in places where women have no voice, or opportunities for education or advancement.  Founder and CEO, Debbie Farah comes from the fashion industry with a designer’s eye, and knows the trends.   Bajalia’s motto is, “Changing the world while shopping the world.”  Let’s support!

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Photos:  Dawn Bell Solich

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