What I Learned At Summer Camp

I’ve been at Camp What-Da-Ya-Wan-It-To-Be this summer making new friends, crafting, exploring.

With morning cabin chores, a few afternoons spent floating down the lazy river, and evenings around the campfire it’s been a slow, steady pace of activity that lights up here and there like fireflies at dusk.

Happy Camper
Since launching this blog nine months ago, it’s been a challenging hike. But there’s always a field of wildflowers revealed when my muscles are aching and I need to take the switchback for awhile. Then as I begin to ascend again I make it to the first peak, and there are incredible vistas at the top. Plumage 59 is a fresh world where I can breathe in the art of fashion. I’m carried away in imagining the stories around it, the buzz among us.

Cabin Cleanup
Now that I’ve settled in, my perspective has shifted. So I’ve taken the last six weeks off from writing regular posts, a stint at camp so to speak, to make time to get clear with the question of what-da-ya-wan-it-to-be at Plumage 59. How do I develop this place where we can regularly rally around the camp flag with a community of smart, fun, charged-up-plum-aged-fashion-loving women?

Team Player Badge
I’m not very good at making transitions. I thrive in single-minded work, not hopping from thing to thing (my college was one of the first with the one-course-at-a-time plan). This summer I’ve had short stints of time with my sons–wearing as much of a mothering hat as you can when they’re 21. I’ve been in project mode with home maintenance and repairs in Denver. Bounced back to New York for stolen bits of time. And across all these spaces I’ve been thinking imaginatively, and intensely, to nail down what I want this blog to be. The summer has been adrift with learning, soaking it in, and discovering the right path to get back to camp. It’s been messy and vast. I like linear, with trail markers.

Singing By the Campfire
I’ve been dreaming up a more modern look to the logo, more variety on the homepage, and a more consistent rhythm to Plumage 59. Learned more about the role social media plays in talking and sharing with like-minded peeps. And considered how to touch base with you to contribute to what you enjoy most about style at this point in our lives.

Camp Farewell
It’s coming together now and this fall (every fashion girl’s back-to-school) we’ll tell new stories, and have some trends of our own. It won’t be a complete whitewash, just a little tidying.

We’re vying for the camp’s coveted Extra Mile Award.


Photos:  Dawn Bell Solich
Cover Photo:  StarTraks

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