NYFW: Rejoice at Marc Jacobs!

I’m hearing “Joyful Exuberance!” from Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, as I lay my eyes, my heart and soul on Marc Jacobs Spring 2018. Check out the video, then let’s review.


Texture, on color, on gossamer, on shimmer. This is why Marc Jacobs is the closer, the star of New York Fashion Week. Pow! His shows take us on a head trip to other worlds with déja vu and futurity. Piled on high–take it apart and his abundance yields infinite iterations. He sprinkles a waft of pixie dust that rises and spins, encapsulating an entire collection of wearable options that continue skyward. There are a million ideas here marching together.

Peaches & Cream Wrapped in Aurora Borealis
Where do I begin? Wear the coat with an apricot sheath. The turtleneck with olive, cargo bermuda shorts. The joggers with a cream, sequin top and simple sandals. Or how about this–wear it all together, as is? Full disclosure–I’m not a turban girl–I never will be. And if I’m being perfectly honest, IRL I’d lose the shoes with the whole look–too matchy, matchy. But a magical show needs drama, fantasy, exportation to the heavens! This is it.

Candy Dots
You can see the strips of rainbow-colored candy dots; hear the sound of the tropical, beaded curtains being pushed aside with these tops of plenty. So much of the allure of this collection for me are the color combinations. They are luscious!

This particular color of greige, the muddied, cocoa brown, is the foundation that brings to life the icing. They hold back the fluorescence of apricot, carnation pink, and light pumpkin from getting out of control.

Start Statements Straightaway
Sizeable earrings are everywhere this fall. Good to know they’re strong through spring. So invest in a pair. And the statement necklaces you thought were going silent, make a declaration again. Look at our Flock To This for a great, well-priced resource.

The Final Blow, Me Over With A Feather
You may not have wanted to accept it, but fanny packs keep on trending and I’m afraid they’re here to stay. Only please call them Belt Bags. Your hands will be blissfully free to raise them high in celebration of joyful exuberance!


Photos:  IMAXtree

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