Minis Mini Series Part II

This new idea of layering is what ups the style on this casual, tribal-inspired mini skirt.

In our first installment of the Minis Mini Series, the look was more “dressed” with someplace to go. Today the outfit is composed of parts we might throw on, but it’s more interesting in its sum.  The layered, mini skirt is the finishing boost, catching the eye.  In Make My Monday:  When Work Isn’t a Place, the idea of wearing a comfortable, and functional base at home was highlighted with leggings, then adding something to top it off to go out.  The simple, comfortable, gray knit dress here is a basic for the day in, turned out by the additions for the farmer’s market, a meeting, or the museum.



Inspiration for the mini as an added layer, or integral part of a look is increasingly coming from the runway. Even though the Dior Resort 2017 look draws three clear lines, at the waist, mid-thigh, the knee–all made possible by the mini overlayed–the mini could just as easily play the peplum in this seamless ensemble.



The Tome Spring 2017 runway photos below develop more piling on with the mini, creating different lines, cuts and novel moods.  The summary of each look is difficult to ground and place.  That feels new.



See one more layering idea with mini skirts in our final, Minis Mini Series story.


Photo Top, Last Three Images:  Vogue. Other photos:  Dawn Bell Solich



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  • Minis Mini Series Part II Published 1/12/17

  • Follow My Gut

    I never looked at it like this, that the outfit could be even better and stronger with layering. Such a lovely idea and the models look incredible!!!!

    • Hi Follow My Gut! Sorry, but I somehow missed this comment. I’ve just now discovered your amazing blog too. I left you a comment on Follow My Gut, gushing all over it. I’m definitely a new fan!

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