You May Regret This

Yesterday I opened the proverbial Pandora’s box, and got a contact high from the fumes.

At first I just took a whiff of Zara, but before I knew it I was struggling to keep it together, with 37 items in my cart. I was quickly stumbling around in a mind full of well-dressed versions of me. I looked chic, but like I wasn’t trying too hard. I was the queen of the party in the black, sheer-backed dress. I had an endless supply of cool shoes to take my dresses over the top. I couldn’t stop obsessing about all of the possibilities and combinations.

When I clicked into Zara, I thought I would just dabble in dresses and shoes. But Zara has some really good shit this year. Last summer in New York was one of the hottest on record. It was my first full summer there, and after the trauma of the sweltering heat, this year I’m self-medicating. I’m buying comfortable, airy, loose dresses that I’ll pair with unique and ornate shoes, for a high fashion look.

Some tips for making sure you’re getting the good stuff:

o Choose dresses made of natural fibers, or non-shiny fabric.
o Go up a size.
o Buy leather, or leather-lined shoes if the upper is polyurethane.

With Zara price, this is the place to push yourself and experiment with your style. But be warned, this could be the gateway to high times.


Check out Plumage 59 on Pinterest for shopping links for the above pairings, and even more Zara dress and shoe choices. Pin your pairings, then copy your Pinterest link in the comments below. We want to see the combinations you put together!

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  • You May Regret This, Published 6/19/17.

  • I totally agree with you about Zara’s fabrics, always choose natural fibers. Well I’m really a hater of polyester and synthetic fabrics. Love your choices!

  • We’ve now bonded over our taste in dresses and shoes. Isn’t fashion great?!?

    • Totally! So great to find you and your blog!

      • I’m headed over to yours this afternoon!

        • Thank you! Just make sure you select the English version . I write in Spanish too!

  • OMG—I was adding a ton of stuff into my Zara cart the other weekend. It took so much restraint to just close it and not get anything. I could be regretting that move….

    • I feel your pain Jodie! I ended up ordering about 10 things, kept half of them. Now that I’m looking at my collages above, I feel the urge to go back and see if some of those treasures are still available. OMG–not going there!

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