Slip Away

The slip dress has evolved from pin up status in the 50’s, to grunge glam in the 90’s, to mainstay in the twentyteens.

Making its way back last spring, the staying power of the slip dress is in its versatility–slipping through moods that are feminine, rebellious, powerful, playful.  Its simplicity invites collaboration to take it where you want to go.  This minimal, basic can be discreet, or take the lead.  The slip dress worn in its pure form is hot.

Love Slip Dress
In the 90’s, Courtney Love brought infamy to the slip dress in her grunge, babydoll era.  She turned up the restraint of the dress with a tiara, overdrawn red lips, and fringy false eyelashes.  Last February, she looked chic at the St. Laurent fashion show in L.A. wearing a modern, slick version.  Two decades later, her minimal styling of the silhouette changed the entire air.

Boudoir Borrowed From the Boys
In the everyday world, slip dresses are most often layered under or over other pieces. One of the most compelling looks is combining masculine features with it to add weight.  Things like a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood-oversized sweater, a plaid flannel shirtdress, or a blazer in men’s suiting fabric.  Worn with a silk or satin slip dress, both leanings cancel each other out in the feminine/masculine dance.  This leaves a step to either side open for the shoe choice.  A heel, to a brogue would keep this outfit boundless, whereas riding boots or tennis shoes might make it thematic.

Over It
What did seem new to the slip dress comeback in 2016, was the layering under it that it had goin’ on.  Simple basics went up against it to contemporize the feel.  Worn casually over a t-shirt or turtleneck, it’s a cool way to comfortably go through the day. It looks amazing and fresh over a white button-down, primly buttoned all the way up. A friend of mine has been considering buying a sleek, black, one-piece “bodysuit” to layer things over–slip dress!  And I’m going to try it over a sporty, half-zip turtleneck with loafers.

Mix With a Nap
Faux fur, cozy bouclé, quilted leather layer in another luxurious element that somehow isn’t over the top.  The ways I’ve styled the slip dress in the slideshow gallery above keep the expression interesting and approachable.

Wear a slip dress to a holiday dinner, with your own spin on this mainstay.  And if you want to get fancy for opening up presents, it’s a great look that’s just a slip away from a nightgown.


Photo Top Image:  StarTracks

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