The Myth Behind Millennials

Tom Wolfe wrote in New York Magazine about the “Me Decade.” The “Now Generation,” characterized by a sense of entitlement, self-absorption, and laziness heralded the...

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The Big Blazer Club

When I think about oversized blazers I remember Annie Hall, Molly Ringwald and Madonna. This free-spirited, rebellious, power piece floated around from the late 1970's...

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Aweful Shoes

Style. Comfort. Price. Aw·ful! or Awe·ful? Beautiful shoes we're in awe of might make us say aw! for their 5" heel. Price is personal--aw! or awe? On...

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1st, Inspiration!

Today is the first, of the inspiring month of October. It is the unofficial bellwether for a new season of personal potential, and rekindled traditions. This...

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Jeanius Found

The familiarity in this new jean is there--all-american and throwback--because it's from the original. There's comfort in it, a recollection. A week ago I reported on...

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Take A Page From The Golden Globe Blackout

Sunday night’s 75th Annual Golden Globe Award show was not tone deaf. In fact the blackout downplaying whose gown, the Louboutins, and the Carti…

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