Conversations at Chico’s

They say women don’t dress for men, that they dress for each other. Yesterday afternoon on the Upper West Side in New York, women were turned out, and turned up in a mutual admiration society that extended beyond, “what are you wearing?” The love of fashion, and the art of all things stylish started conversations at Chico’s. But the essence of this special afternoon moved into life, pursuits, goals, third act careers, and a real warmth for one another. Chico’s hosted this event as a meetup for all women, but in particular for the open Facebook group, Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution.

The Age of Grace
The Age of Grace blog founder Eugenia Hargrove, created this beautiful afternoon to weave together women wanting more than their plum age has traditionally promised. The flame of this growing hub is being fanned by more women who know they can, and by platforms that are nurturing this seeking. We’re seeing more Lauren Huttons on the covers of magazines like October’s Vogue Italia; movements like the Women’s March, and average Janes searching for a voice.

A Diverse Group
Five of us joined Eugenia in representing Chico’s, and in her vision for the meetup. We are all midlife bloggers/chroniclers, with an emphasis driving our particular passion. Cherie, Style Nudge, and I move fashion forward with our plum age readers. Tracey, Chicclassyspicy, is a motivational fashion blogger. Shelbeeontheedge keeps it real on style and life challenges. Eugenia, Age of Grace, writes about fashion, health and lifestyle. And Michele, on Instagram as @Seechele_styles, brings looks that are thrifted. We each chose an outfit for the afternoon from Chico’s New Arrivals. When we all came together there were surprises about the pieces we had each picked out–things we hadn’t spotted online, a unique spin put on a jacket, the way a poncho worked as a third piece. I experienced great pleasure in connecting with women who are just as taken with fashion as I am, and then discovering the meaning behind a woman’s enthusiasm. It brings out healing, strength, fortitude, curiosity, endurance, persistence. #StrongerTogether.

Stay tuned for more conversations at Chico’s.

Catherine Grace O’Connell, Founder Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution . Eugenia Hargrove, The Age of Grace, Chico’s Meetup Organizer .
Catherine was in New York working on future projects for Forever Fierce, and to meet the dynamic women at Chico’s.

Left: Chic Classy Spicy . 

Left: Style Nudge .

Left: Shelbee on the Edge . Middle: @Seechele_styles .

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Thank you Chico’s for the gifted outfit! My look: Black Label Trumpet Dress . Black Label Faux Fur Vest . Golden Clutch . Briar Ball Necklace . Royce Linear Earrings .
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Photos:  Dawn Bell Solich








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  • Conversations at Chico’s, Published on 10/8/17

  • Dawn, you really have a way with words! This so beautifully written and the essence of the event so perfectly conveyed that is was not just about fashion. We midlife fierce women bring so much more to the table. It was absolutely fabulous to meet you! I am that much more enriched just by knowing you, my brilliant, word-loving, fierce friend!


    • Shelbee, you really warmed my heart with what you said. I’m so happy that the essence of this special afternoon came through. We have our love of writing in common, as your post on Chico’s took me right there with you too. So welcoming, I felt like I could tag right along with you. Women like you are what it’s all about. We’ll have to get together again soon. ❤️

  • Wendy Gildemeister

    Dawn, you look gorgeous in that picture! (I am not surprised).

    • Wendy–you’re very nice to say so. Your support is wonderful!

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